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Features & Benefits

Having completed over 50,000 inspections in the last 3 years and having seen over 100,000 land on our platform, we realize your clients are our clients and we strive to meet their every need. Using scheduling teams, quality assurance advisors and only A rated inspectors. Allows us to mitigate on your behalf. With a technology focus, everything we do is process driven and accuracy based, from arriving on time to providing a premier inspection service. Meaning you can count on us to provide the high-value inspection reports you need, the first time and every time.

Loss Prevention


  • Quality Service 
  • Trustworthy teams
  • Structures reports
  • National man power   
  • End to end inspection management 
  • A rated licensed inspector 
  • Quality assurance teams
  • Separate Scheduling teams 
  • Replacement cost tools 
  • Customized reporting
  • Highlighted hazards reports
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Process driven inspections 


  • 20 x faster field completion
  • Consistent accuracy and real time updates
  • 95% more accurate  
  • 100% Prevalence and timeline reporting
  • Secure and Redundant
  • Fast and Reliable 
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Backup and recovery of all data recorded 
  • Transparency for everyone involved
  • Multi Language
  • Fast roll out
  • Easy integration 


  • Guaranteed understanding of the process 
  • High net worth experiences
  • Compliant and licensed team members 
  • Understanding of insurance expectations
  • Segregated departments for quality of service
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Bilingual scheduling team
  • Built in underwriting guidelines
  • Continued education required quarterly


  • Trusted team
  • Streamlined services
  • Integrated systems
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • All in one solution 
  • Unified training 
  • Granular reporting 
  • Better visibility 
  • End to end process 
  • Accountability for all
  • Monitoring of all inspectors and interactions 


  • Live dashboards and reporting 
  • API integration 
  • ios, android, web apps
  • 20x faster completion
  • Custom inspection templates 
  • Rapid reassign of any inspection 24/7 365
  • Online support
  • Secure recoverable data
  • Data, photographs stored for 365 days.
  • White label services
  • Virtual inspections
  • Drone inspections 
  • Mandatory fields and answers


  • Bilingual scheduling team
  • Inhouse quality assurance team
  • Quality Assurance teams have 220 license or inspection license 
  • Minimum turnaround times
  • Built in underwriting guidelines
  • Quality review score
  • Highlighted concerns reporting
  • Time to completion reporting 
  • Continued education required quarterly 
  • 50,000 + inspections completed 
  • Property scoring tools

Bringing inspectors, underwriters and clients together, in one platform. While streamlining the management of tens of thousands of insurance inspections per year, from start to finish. 

Need a drone inspection.

Our inspections services are always professional, accurate and on time, followed by the latest drone and online technologies, as a front runner in modern virtual and physical residential property inspections. Four Site Services where experience meets technology at the cost you’d expect. 

Key differentiators

Our quality assurance team and review process team, ensure no report is sent in without a secondary review. Paired with our bilingual appointment setting team means no risk is inspected without contact. We take customer service and quality assurance seriously at Four Site.

Industries we work with

  • Insurance Carriers
  • MGA’s or Insurance companies 
  • Insurance Brokers or Agencies
  • Banks
  • Real estate
  • Inspection Companies (small or large)

Our platform

Our tailored reports are based years of underwriting, inspection and technology experience. We focus on the features that mitigate your loss and ensure we deliver amazing and accurate services to all of your book of business.

One platform, one service company, problem solved.

Our Inspection Management Solution delivers an easy approach to all things service. Review, manage and monitor any inspection at any stage, with role-based privileges. Provide real time updates, notes, receive new contact and address details and more.  

Simply login to the Web based portal, jump onto the mobile friendly URL or add our iphone app, for fast efficient and simple inspection management. Create or consult with us on any custom form requirement you have

Trust our experienced professionals. Choose our modern approach.