Energy leakage and HVAC efficiency

What is Energy Leakage?

Energy leakage is a term inspectors use to relate to air leaking out from temperature controlled environments, whether that’s heated or cooled air. If it’s hot outside and your windows aren’t sealed tight, then the cold air your AC is working hard to pump throughout the house will seep outside, creating energy loss. It’ll have to work twice has hard to cool down the house, or never actually reach the controlled environment you were desiring.

What can you do about it?

  • Windows and Doors: Check the weather strips on your windows and door frames, including garage doors, skylights, 
  • Have a Blower Door Test: This is a special kind of inspection where an inspector seals the entire house, uses a fan and a sealed front door to create negative pressure, and checks the pressure compared to the outside. The percentage difference will determine how properly sealed is your house.
  • Use a thermal reader during the blower door test: Ask if the the inspector can use a thermal reader to see different common areas where there is energy leakage, and see how you can seal those areas properly (e.g., electrical outlets, attic entrances, recessed lighting, windows, doors, bathroom fans, etc.)