Fireworks Safety

Know the risk

What’s more american than enjoying a few burgers with friends and family, while watching things blow up in the sky? It’s fun, it’s beautiful, it makes for a very entertaining and original instagram story, but most people don’t into consideration that fireworks can also be very dangerous. We’ve take something packed with flammable and explosive gun powder, and marketed it to the masses. It’s no wonder that in 2018, eight people died and over 12,000 people had to seek medical attention from firework related injuries. In 2008, over $42 million dollars of property damage was caused by fireworks. And on average, over 18,000 fires are caused by fireworks.

So if you’re going to blow some stuff up, know the risk, and be responsible.

Know the law

The type of personal firework show will depend on where you live. The United States is a smorgasbord of fireworks laws, so be sure to know which ones pertain to your state. Some states allow any kind of fireworks, while others ban some, and some even ban all types of fireworks. Make sure that you purchase fireworks from reputable sources, who are permitted by the state.

You might be thinking, “who cares if my uncle brought these fireworks from out of state? No one is going to do anything.” Legally speaking, you can be arrested with a 1st degree misdemeanor for using or selling illegal fireworks. This is punishable by up to one year in prison, and/or a fine of $1000. On top of that, your property will most likely not be covered by your home insurance for any damages you accidentally cause via illegal fireworks. So if you accidentally burn down your house, that’s gonna be out of pocket.

That’s a lot to risk just to watch gunpowder burn in the sky.

Take safety precautions

If you are going to blow up some fireworks, please take a few safety precautions to give yourself, any spectators, and your property the best chance to avoid injuries or damage.

  1. Do not drink alcohol and handle fireworks. Have a designated responsible adult who abstains from drinking to handle the fireworks.
  2. Do not let children handle or be near the fireworks.
  3. Tie up or lock indoors any pets that may be outside.
  4. Do not try to re-light any fireworks that didn’t ignite. 
  5. Have a hose with a good nozzle nearby, to douse any flames.
  6. Have a bucket of water to submerge the USED fireworks, before throwing them in the garbage.

Have fun, and stay safe!