How will it improve our inspection process?

Increase efficiency

As a company that has handled over 70,000 insurance policies, we understand the need to quickly obtain a clear and professional verification report on every policy. Our focus is streamlining and customizing the process to fit your specific needs. A few of the key elements that will help your team are:

  • seamless process between the order and completion of all inspections.
  • ability to customize forms for ANY type of property, from condos to high value property.
  • data to track turn-around times, and highlight new, late, and over-due policies.
  • Ability to categorize and prioritize properties based on risk-score.
  • Ability to create user specific platforms for agents/inspectors.
  • API data captioning into your own system.
  • Clear communication between teams, through a policy-specific note system.
  • Built-in scheduling system
  • Much more!
With these few key elements, you’ll see the opportunity to keep your clients engaged, increase customer retention, and increase efficiency across the board.


One of the biggest issues the insurance market faces today is unaware clients. We want to change that, by putting an app into the hands on the home owner, informing them of what they have, what they need, and what they should know. This opens the door to a more vibrant and knowledgeable interaction between policy writers and policy holders. You’ll find helpful tips and information on insurance policies, as well as articles to increase understanding. We believe a more informed customer leads to a better relationship.


Gone are the days of unsupported and uncorroborated information across five different databases. We want to bring everyone to the same table, from the home owner, to the inspector, to the underwriter. The gathering of complete customer property information and documentation in one unified database allows all vested parties within the insurance value chain to access, verify, authenticate and update the risk. Allowing the Property Owner (consumer) or any part of the value chain (Inspector, Inspection Company, Agent, Underwriter, and Carrier) the ability to review and append all data relevant to the property and contents being insured is crucial to minimize loss and errors.


The organized, comprehensive format driven data is securely and redundantly housed within AWS and shareable with all involved in each property’s unique insurance parameters and needs as required. As of this writing, there are hundreds of inspectors a day using Four Site’s application with an excess of 70,000 home inspections completed.