Pool Maintenance and Safety

Keep in Mind

There’s nothing more refreshing than a nice dip in a clean pool. To many, these seasonal moments of leisure and relaxation, while floating in a crystal blue body of water, are worth the hours and hours of maintenance every other week throughout the entire year. But keep in mind, it’s more than just maintaining looks, and cleanliness. A clean pool is a healthy pool, and one that should last you a long time. Filth, debris, vegetation, algae, etc., is not only nasty to swim in, let alone look at, but it’s also damaging to the interlinings and filtration system.


Consistency is Key

If your pool is constantly changing from blue to green, to blue again, it not only can get expensive to maintain it, but it also can affect the longevity of your pool. If you’re having to shock your pool with acid, and high amounts of chlorine, you may want to readjust your ongoing maintenance schedule. Prevention and consistency go a long way in pool maintenance. This includes: weekly scrubbing and vacuuming the pool, cleaning out the filter, skimmer, checking for any blockage in the main drain, and adding a sufficient amount of chlorine (adjusted for frequency of use, and rainfall).

If you don’t know how much chlorine you need, bring a sample of your pool water to a nearby pool chlorine shop. They will most likely be able to steer you in the right direction. Also, if you lack the time, and/or can afford a weekly (or bi-weekly) pool person, I strongly recommend you doing so (unless you enjoy the cleaning and maintenance part of it).


Know the risk

Also, be aware of the huge responsibility if you’re a pool owner. From the ages of 1-4 years old, drownings in a swimming pool ranks the highest in accidental deaths, and 75% of those drownings occurs in a residential swimming pool. We recommend putting up barriers around the pool, and ensuring that there’s a self-locking fence between the street and the pool area. Also, if you have small children, we recommend that all doors from the house leading to the outside have a child safety lock, as well as training toddlers and young children to swim early, and always having a responsible adult supervising all pool activity for any children present. Barriers. Training. Supervise. With these 3 areas enforced, you can significantly reduce the chances of accidents and tragedies in regards to your pool. Remember, It is better to err on the side of caution, then to regret your inaction. Be responsible. Stay safe.