Can I do my own inspection?

Why would it be beneficial?

With the simple use of your own smart phone, home owners will be able to perform their own simple home verification inspections, essentially cutting back on costs and loss time, as well as increasing convenience. This also keeps your data secure and stored in a cloud-based application, which helps tremendously in the event of a natural disaster or loss.

This helps agents verify the wind mitigation and four point to a certain extent. Underwriters also benefit, as up-to-date data points are captured in order to help mitigate risk, while engaging the client and informing them on their policy. However, if an in-depth inspection is needed, the platform is ready to schedule appointments for nearby inspectors. The app is also available to use for those in-depth inspections, that can only be performed by certified inspectors.

The best part is that everyone is engaged and able to see what’s going on, what changes have occurred, and what changes need to be applied to the policy.

What could I inspect?​

Using our app is simple and straight-forward. As soon as the homeowner wants to start a new application, our friend chat bot “Noah” will help guide them through the process. Noah will help homeowners complete an entire verification report, from securing simple data such as age of home, type of roof material, etc., to guiding them through a step-by-step process of taking pictures around the house.