Should our inspection company use Four Site?


In the beginning phases of Four Site, we partnered with an inspection company called West Coast Inspections. As the months progressed, we saw the increasing need to provide a specific system for their growing number of inspectors. The needs were:

  • Reliable and secure
  • Uniform set of questions for multiple report types
  • Ease of access for both inspectors and underwriter

We delivered, and since then, West Coast Inspections have seen a growth of over 300% in number of inspections handled per year. Perhaps you are an individual inspector, manage an inspection company, or you’re on the receiving end of requiring inspection information. Regardless of the situation, being able to create an uniform system for all parties involved will increase efficiency and effectiveness for your business.


If you’ve ever handled multiple policy types, or even different inspection types, you know the hassle of having to answer or skip questions that really don’t need to be answered. Perhaps you use a system that’s old, clunky, and out-dated, or it simply does not meet your standards. That’s why at Four Site we want to make our products feel like you’re in the driver seat, navigating with simple ease around your requirements. With our team standing by 7 days a week, we’re ready to create, customize, and implement different inspection forms to fit your needs. Perhaps you know exactly the inspection types you want to create, or you would prefer to use inspection templates that have been created and consulted by certified Master Inspectors. Whatever the case, we can deliver it. 

Quality Assurance

West Coast Inspections have been able to see a significant growth spike, not only through implementing a more effective system, but through the easy quality control of thousands of inspections per year. With the ability to create multiple layers of quality verification, you can blow away the competition by minimizing human error, increasing communication, and providing clear and easy to understand reports. Decades of joint experience has fine-tuned our platform to immediately improve your inspection needs. We guarantee it.