Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th. This season can be very unpredictable, most of the time it is normal and then suddenly a category 5 hurricane could be threatening your small town or large city in a matter of days.

To help combat the stress and to help feel as prepared as possible when these storms are looming, we recommend being hurricane ready. This involves several steps and having your household all aware of your hurricane plan. This may seem extreme but when the time comes you will feel safer and be able to take the necessary steps to ensure you and your loved ones are as safe as possible.

Before A Hurricane

Your family may not all be together when a hurricane is approaching therefore it is important to all be aware of your hurricane plan. How will you contact each other? If you are separated and cannot get to the family home to convene is there a safe place you should all meet at? Do you all have emergency contact information for family out of the hurricane zone? Is there a key family member who will bring the hurricane kit to the safe location? These are just a few details to include in your family’s hurricane plan. Another key thing to do will be to prepare your hurricane kit. You can find a complete printable checklist here. 

Evacuation Assistance – If any of your family or close neighbors require evacuation assistance make sure to register for this in advance NOW is a good time.

Pet Preparedness – Find safe locations that can accommodate pets and ensure you have enough supplies for them, such as food and water and any medication they may need.

Secure your home – Now is a good time to look at your hurricane shutters, have your trees trimmed and possibly have your roof inspected.

During A Hurricane

Whether you decide to shelter in place or evacuate it is important to always have the most up to date hurricane information available. Make sure to have apps downloaded and access to the correct news and weather channels to ensure there are no surprises. If the hurricane takes a turn in your direction you will want to be best prepared as far in advance as possible. If you decide to shelter in place make sure you follow all local authority guidance. Stay indoors and take your hurricane kit with you from room to room as you shelter. Ensure you have enough water and food supplies for an extended time as stores may not be open or you may be trapped in your home for an extended period if bad flooding happens in your area.

After A Hurricane

After the storm has passed the first thing is to ensure everyone in your home is ok. You can return home when the local authorities deem your area to be safe. Once home you should assess the damage (if any) on your home and immediate surroundings. Many things may be damaged, you may have to contact the authorities to ensure you remain safe. If you have damage to your home document it as best you can with pictures, then contact your insurance agent. Make sure to document and keep records of costs of repairs, cleaning and if you can or cannot remain in the property while these repairs are made. This maybe a stressful time however the main thing to remember is that you and your family are safe.

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